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PrivateAs a former crew member on-board luxury sailing catamarans, I receive the question often. “Why book a private yacht charter”? Consider this a quick-guide to understanding what it is you are getting when booking one of these unique, incredible trips.

The Virgin Islands is currently the number one sailing destination in the world. This archipelago creates protected sailing channels from the open ocean. Thus, allowing for moderately smooth sailing conditions with constant trade winds to keep you moving along (and cool!). The islands offer crystal clear snorkeling/scuba diving waters, calm anchorages, and picturesque sunsets. It also has incredible natural granite playgrounds, solar powered breweries, off-the-grid beach bars, full access marinas, delicious Caribbean restaurants, unique floating taco/pirate bars and so much more.

But Isn’t it a Private Yacht Charter Expensive?

Chartering your own private Sailing Catamaran is more affordable than you are led to believe. They are rapidly becoming more and more popular every year, and for many reasons. When its all said and done, once you were to book a luxury hotel, purchase all of your own food, alcohol, taxis, excursions, restaurants, rental cars, tours, you name it, all-Inclusive Sailing Vacations don’t seem so pricy after all.

All of the things listed above are included, and your crew will handle the busy work. The hardest decision you would have to make for the day is what kind of activities/spots you wanted to go. Or deciding on what cocktail you’d like the crew to make you. Your crew and boat sail you there with ease with the logistics already taken care of.

Why book a Yacht Charter if I’m Not Much of a Sailor…

Not much of a sailor? No problem. These trips can be as much or as little sailing as your heart desires. In the past, it was common to see older monohulls, or single hulled sailboats being most frequently chartered out. Complaints would be of rocky sleep and limited mobility. These days, however, multi-hulled catamarans have taken the charter industry by storm.

Catamarans offer much more stability, and provide ample amounts of living spaces. They are also well equipped with lots of creature comforts and features. This includes full-cabin Air Conditioning, 110v power plugs, TV, Ice makers, plenty of open lounging areas, electric heads (toilets), etc. You also will enjoy memory foam mattresses, fresh towels, all linens, water toys, paddle boards, snorkel gear, fishing equipment, covered customs fees and fuel expenses.

“Think of it as a modern style, spacious luxury hotel on the water.”

What is Included in these Private Yacht Charters?

booking an “All-Inclusive”sailing charter means full service is always available to you. Your crew is there to prepare delicious cocktails, provide clean towels, and are constantly tidying up. On top of that, you will also have a full-time personal chef that creates all of your delicious, high quality meals.

A preference sheet will be sent to you before the charter. This asks all questions from your food likes/dislikes, alcohol preferences, travel details, and any other things you would like your crew to know. Provisioning is done prior to your arrival based on these preferences and a specific menu is created and prepared all week by your chef.

Are all Itineraries the Same?

Chartering your own sailing yacht allows for flexibility to design your own itinerary. Having a hired Captain on board who knows all the “secret spots”, you are sure to feel like you haven’t missed a thing by the end of your week. Whether you want to spend your week “off the grid” in seclusion or hit all of the popular beach bars and islands. This vacation is completely customizable to tailor to your day-to-day desires.

The real beauty of this trip, is that guests can do as much or little as they please. If some in the group want to relax on board, sunbathing and do some light snorkeling, they can. In the meantime, some may choose to reel in fish, go on hikes, go on scuba trips, learn about sailing, and even set the sails. If sitting on the sky lounge with a cocktail in hand watching as the captain impressively sets the boat for the next intended course is more your speed, you can do just that.

“The service was impeccable and first class. The crew are somehow invisible yet available at all times.” -The Homers

This is one of the few trips that somehow perfectly pairs a Luxurious vacation with an Adventurous one. Every day you wake up in a new bay with an excitement for the possible activities ahead. No lines, no traffic, no packing for the day or coordinating rides to places. Just a cup of freshly brewed coffee, a different beautiful bay each sunrise, and a list of destinations/activities/options for the day presented to you by your captain while your chef prepares breakfast.

How is the Living Space on a Private Yacht Charter?

Guests find the bedrooms to be surprisingly open, light, spacious and comfortable. High ceilings mean there is no ducking to walk in your room. Each has its own en-suite bathroom complete with separate shower, head (toilet), and sink. Unlike bareboat charters, the beds selected on the Yachts in Uncharted Collection are equipped with super-comfortable memory foam mattress pads and smooth as butter hotel style sheets.

“The vessel is meticulously maintained and spotless in appearance. It has all the conveniences a guest could possibly wish for and then some. At no point on our week long cruise did I ever feel cramped or crowded” -Gordon

The Sailing Grounds

Sailing around the U.S. and British Virgin Islands is unique because the islands are anywhere from 15 minutes-2.5 hours apart. This means, if desired, your crew may take you to 3 or even 4 different islands in one day!

So, why book an all-inclusive sailing charter you ask? It all comes down to what you want out of your vacation. As a former crew member, I feel strongly that your vacation should be spent relaxing, all while exploring new places, enjoying fresh delicious food, and creating memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime. Because that is what vacation is all about.

-Caitie Rosko, Co-Founder of Uncharted Collection

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