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A Caribbean Melting Pot of Jolly Good Sailors

The Soggy Dollar Bar sits on the pristine sandy beach of White Bay, Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands. It is famed for being home to the classic Caribbean rum cocktail, the Painkiller. This humble shack attracts all walks of life, from posh Superyacht owners, to adventurous sailing catamaran charters, even a resident of the British Virgin Islands with a recognizable name that rhymes with Sir Nichard Dranson. You may find famous country music singers, warm hearted locals, and transoceanic sailors from near and far.

One thing is for certain – everyone loves this place.

It’s a State of Mind

Maybe it’s the pristine white sand beach, the azul water, or the laid back atmosphere of palms swaying in the breeze? The green mountains of St John painting a hell of a backdrop. There is something magic about this place that you take with you when you go. Kenny Chesney knows the feeling. The Soggy Dollar gets it’s name from the notion of anchoring your boat in the bay, stuffing your pockets with cash, and swimming in for a day of beach bar debauchery. They gladly accept soggy dollars to pay the tab.

No Prescription Needed

The resident bartender at the Soggy Dollar is “Doctor” Leon Miller. He serves up Painkillers daily, with no prescription needed. He’s a total cat, providing top notch service with a smile and a laugh. It gives you the feeling you are exactly where you are meant to be. Leon knows everyone. So if you know Leon? You’re in.

Snacks, Drinks, and Webcam Jealousy

Enjoy the beach comber lifestyle. Order a snack from the walk up window and eat with your toes in the sand. Then challenge a stranger to a game of ring toss, an immediate drinking buddy – the loser buys next round of Painkillers. Invite your family and friends to tune into the Soggy Dollar Webcam and give them a joyful (or jealousy inducing) gesture. If you know someone visiting the Soggy Dollar soon, buy them a surprise painkiller and leave their name on the drink board, a creative way to “share” a drink “together” in paradise.


Sara Nelson, Contributing Writer and Co-Founder of Uncharted






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