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Heading over to Jost? Have a look at these Must-See spots on Jost Van Dyke! Be sure to hit a couple of these wildly fun or super quiet and relaxing spots during your travels! There is a spot for all kinds on this little island in the BVI

NO. 1

Soggy Dollar Bar

The Painkiller Cocktail. Originated and perfected at the Soggy Dollar Bar in the 1970’s, this smooth, full flavored rum cocktail has become a Caribbean must‑have.

Soggy dollar bar is a must-see spot located on the most beautiful strip of white sand, gradually making its way into crystal‑clear water so vibrant, it’s the brightest shade of blue. Hence the name “white bay”.

Perhaps it’s the beautiful setting of White Bay, the thirst from the swim, or just because of the tradition of the Original Painkiller at the Soggy Dollar… whatever the reason, be sure to check out this beach bar!

Soggy Dollar Bar
Restaurant/ Beach Bar

NO. 2

Foxy’s Tamarind Bar

Foxy’s is the epitome of a legendary beach bar nestled into paradise. If you are wanting a little bit of nightlife on your trip, be sure to have your captain anchor in Great Harbor and plan to spend the night here. With some great Caribbean food/drinks and a fun DJ that is sure to get everyone dancing, you’re bound to have a night to remember!!

Foxy’s Tamarind Bar
Restaurant // Beach Bar

NO. 3

Bubbly Pools

An easy hike from the dinghy dock at foxy’s taboo to this beautiful natural tidal pool. Along the way it’s not uncommon to see lots of goats, hermit crabs, fish, and beautiful shells. It eventually opens up to the beautiful spot known as the bubbly pool! Go for a afternoon dip to cool off from the mid‑day sun, get some incredible photos and then casually make your way back down the hill. You’ll see why people really love this experience.

Pro tip: order a pizza at Foxy’s Taboo before your hike so when you return it’s hot and ready for a fun post‑hike lunch overlooking your boat!

Bubbly Pools

NO. 4

B-Line Beach Bar

BLine beach bar is great when you want to escape the crowds. Enjoy quiet time chatting with the locals, who often have great stories from all the sailors passing through. There are a lot of fantastic protected moorings out front. Fun and safe snorkeling surround the moorings/anchorage and beach. Loaded with games, shade, and places to nap, this is a super family friendly beach bar.

From the moorings/anchorage available you will have easy access to the bubbly pools, as well as sandy spit via tender.

Beach Bar

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