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A Delectable Fusion of Southeast Asian, Latin American, & Caribbean Flavor

Nestled between giant granite boulders and palms in the sandy bay of Spanish Town, is the chic restaurant, Coco Maya. Minutes from the iconic “Baths” of Virgin Gorda, the inviting lounge ambiance is perfect for relaxing at sunset.  Coco Maya serves up an undeniably delectable fusion of Southeast Asian street food & Latin American cuisine. Doing so with a touch of Caribbean flavor, and I couldn’t possibly be a bigger fan.

Where is Coco Maya

Coco Maya is located on the beach near Spanish Town, Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) not far from the famous “Baths”.

Served Beachfront and Family Style

The masterpiece menu is served beachfront and family-style with small and large plates to share. Let it be known, there is no better way to show gratitude for the human experience, than to join together at the dining table to nourish our bodies and minds. As a matter of fact, the knowledgeable, international staff will first explain the dining experience. Then further divulge the necessary details of allergies and dietary restrictions. As a yacht chef, I appreciate this level of attention to detail. It expresses the thought and care behind every single aspect of the experience. The cocktail menu features a stellar lineup. The Lemon Basil Passion Margarita or the Ginger Lychee are favorites to immerse you into the vibe of the Caribbean. Your server will course out the meal for you and plates will arrive as they are hot and ready.

Coco Maya Small Plates, Large Plates, & Sushi Menu

First, My favorites from the Small Plates Menu are the savory Shrimp Lettuce Wraps, mouth-watering Coco Maya House Ribs, street style Indo Tacos, CFC Wings, and Pork Bao Buns.Lighten things up a bit with fresh veggie Spring Rolls, and a couple of top choices from the Sushi Menu – the Coco Maya Roll and the Calypso Roll.

Secondly, When you are ready for something a bit heartier to fill your tum, go for the Pad Thai Noodles and Thai Chicken Green Curry off of the Large Plates Menu. Finish off this sensory experience with something sweet, the Dolce De Leche Cheesecake that will leave you speechless, or a shared S’mores family box for nostalgic fun around the fire pit.

Revel in the Coco Maya Atmosphere

After pure culinary indulgence, revel in the Balinese atmosphere. Architect, Viviana Jenik assisted in pulling together the natural beauty. She included slate tiles, twisted Leani vines, exotic timbers, and a thatch roof with the granite boulders and indigenous palms. Play the life-sized Jenga game, Connect Four, or battle each other in a bags match; the loser buys a round of cocktails! In contrast, Groove to the tropical beats by resident DJ James Park and live performances by local musicians. Friday nights are known to heat up and if the mood is right, the mixologist may even light the bar top on fire.

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Sara Nelson, Contributing Writer and Co-Founder of Uncharted Collection

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